Akrapovič heads into the high-performance four-wheel off-road world with an impressive new product

Akrapovič has added four stunning accompaniments to its range of Evolution Line and Slip-On Line exhaust systems and components for the BMW M3 and M4 models with the launch of new carbon fibre accessories to enhance the appearance of the whole car.

Akrapovič has made its first foray into the high-performance off-road car domain with the launch of the stunning Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system for the Mercedes-AMG G 63.

This exquisitely manufactured system has been specifically designed for the demands of such a specialized vehicle, and the Akrapovič sound engineers have created a unique sound pattern that matches the car’s three modes perfectly and provides an increased boost to the senses. Developed with a set of exhaust valves embedded into the system – the stock version does not have these – the highly skilled sound specialists have developed a special program to operate the valves and make the most of the car’s Comfort, Sport, and Manual modes, delivering a perfect sound experience under all conditions. In the open valve position a deep strong hammering sound is produced, and in the closed position the volume is reduced for a more low-profile smooth and comfortable drive. An optional Akrapovič Sound Kit is available to further enhance the ideally matched tones that Akrapovič has created for the Mercedes-AMG G 63. With the use of the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit, the ECE type approval is not valid. This extra has been designed to give users greater flexibility with the system so they can simply switch the valve on or off as desired by remote control or via an app when driving.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 has a V8 biturbo, which delivers a huge amount of power and torque, and with the addition of the Akrapovič Evolution Line that performance can be improved through the entire rev range both on and off-road, yielding maximum gains of 11.2 hp at 4,200 rpm and an increase in torque of 19.3 Nm at 4,100 revs, all designed to boost the senses and increase the sporty connection between driver and car.

This ECE type-approved exhaust is constructed entirely with high-grade durable ultralight titanium, which reduces weight by 16.4 kg, a massive 52.9% less than stock. The whole system is sandblasted and the tailpipes are coated for increased durability, especially to meet the demands of the hostile terrain it could face. The beautifully designed tailpipes – fashioned in the Akrapovič foundry – exit on either side of the vehicle, giving it a sporty look, but serve a fully functional purpose by fitting within the limited space and adding to the off-road capabilities of the vehicle. The Evolution Line (Titanium) has been developed to cope with the intense demands of the off-road world, with endurance, reliability, and strength all at the forefront of the design to ensure that this exhaust makes full use of the performance capabilities of the Mercedes-AMG G 63.

To further boost the performance and increase the sound potential of the Evolution Line, Akrapovič has two optional downpipe sets. Constructed from high-quality durable stainless steel, these high-flow downpipes increase power and deliver an improved Akrapovič sound as the revs rise. Available with or without catalytic converters, the downpipes emit a deep rumble perfectly allied to the V8 power-plant and serve up a sporty roar perfectly connected to this high-performance engine. The set without cats will increase power by 21.5 hp at 5,350 rpm and torque gains of 39.6 Nm at 4,050 revs. The ECU will need to be remapped when the downpipe set is fitted.

The Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) for the Mercedes-AMG G 63 is a flawlessly engineered exhaust that gives this high-performance off-road machine an increase in power and torque, a massive weight savings, and a superb sound pattern ideally matched to the vehicle’s character. This is a pairing that takes the car to new levels and, with the addition of optional Akrapovič products, the tuning, performance, and sound potentials can be taken to even greater levels of enjoyment and involvement.